ANZAC Animals


by Maria Gill and illustrated by Marco Ivancic

ANZAC Animals has brought to life the astonishing and heart-warming true tales of 20 unforgettable animal friends that helped ANZACs serving in World War One and Two.
Read the fascinating true tales of the mascots and working animals that helped Anzac soldiers, sailors, pilots and medics do their jobs in wartime.

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You’ll meet some well-known animals, such as Murphy the donkey, who carried the wounded in Gallipoli, and Caesar the Red Cross Dog. But also included are the hard-working horses, camels and mules, and the dogs that barked a warning when enemy planes were approaching, as well as the mischievous monkeys that had the men laughing.

ANZAC Animals has been extensively researched by author Maria Gill and beautifully illustrated by Marco Ivancic – the winning team (including the wonderful team at Scholastic and Luke Kelly the designer) of the 2016 Margaret Mahy Book of the Year, Anzac Heroes.