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P-3 Orion

Located upstairs in our Cochrane Gallery, our Orion exhibition traces the origins and service history of the RNZAF’s fleet of maritime aircraft which performed exceptional service for almost 60 years.

The exhibition includes a scale model of the aircraft dating back to 1968, and a 13-minute documentary featuring interviews with pilots and crew, and a yachtie rescued by the aircraft back in 1994.

P-3 Orion: The story of an extraordinary aircraft is not to be missed!

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Short Talk Series

D-Day special - Kiwis flying from the shortest airfield in England

For seven weeks in May and June 1944, RAF Horne hosted 60 Spitfires, participating in D-Day and the invasion of Europe. Led by Wing Commander Johnny Checketts, No. 142 Wing flew 1,500 sorties.

After just 50 days, the 300-strong unit left, and the airfield returned to farmland. Host Chris Checketts will share the brief, intense history of RAF Horne and its short-lived role in WWII.

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