Corsair Down


This hard back book by Martin Irons contains several maps, a variety of black and white photos, along with a glossary and a bibliography.

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Corsair Down – Tales of Rescue and Survival during World War II

‘Martin Irons has corralled an astonishing number of stories describing the adventures (and misadventures) of Corsair pilots from the US and Allied nations during World War II.  Fans of the F4U will enjoy these fast-paced tales of do-or-die ditching attempts, crash-landings, and daring rescues’. – Bruce Gamble, author of The Rabaul Trilogy. 

‘A book that proves to be a page-turner… The amount of varied and up-close and personal episodes, the anecdotes and unusual facts, plus the perspective one has learned and experienced by the end of the book are worth it by themselves.  It is strongly recommended to any fan of both aviation, and the Pacific War’. – Anthony Tully, author of The Battle of Surigao Strait.