Nancy Wake – The White Mouse


This paper back book, with black and white photos, is the autobiography of wartime legend – Nancy Wake.

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The Gestapo called her ‘The White Mouse’.

Nancy Wake left Australia to live and work in Paris in the 1930’s.  After marrying a wealthy Frenchman she settled in Marseilles, but her idyllic new life was ended by World War II.  Through her work with an escape-route network she helped a thousand Allied POWs and downed airmen reach safety, yet eventually Nancy had to escape from France herself to avoid capture by the Gestapo as she rose to the top of their most-wanted list.

In London she trained with the Special Operations Executive as a secret agent and saboteur before parachuting back into France.  Her extraordinary courage and actions with the French Resistance made her one of the most highly decorated women in the entire war.

‘The White Mouse’ is Nancy’s classic autobiography – an incredible real-life story of bravery and sacrifice.