New Zealand Air Force – Uniforms, Clothing, Badges and Personal Equipment 1923 – 1948


This detailed study of New Zealand’s air forces – what the service men and women wore and carried – is a first.  This book includes the often-overlooked ground trades and women in the service as well as the flyers.  It include items that were manufactured in Canada, Britain and America as well as locally.  The book shows how all these items relate to New Zealand and New Zealanders.

The book fills a void in our understanding of this part of our history and an emphasis has been placed on the RNZAF in New Zealand and the Pacific.  Very many colour photos and historical images have been sourced from public and private collections, many of which have never been published before.

The book will be of use to museums, historians, collectors, genealogists, re-enactors and costume departments.  Within its 540 pages over a thousand artefacts are photographed, identified and described.

There are chapters on jackets and blouses, shirts, trousers, hats and caps, knitwear, badges, personal equipment, flying clothing and equipment, ephemera and individual weapons.

Five appendixes contain information on what was issued in the various theatres, the service’s aircraft and bases, as well as detailed lists for those wanting more information.  A chronology, glossary, biographies and bibliography follow.  For further details, please see the blog below:-

New Zealand Air Force – Uniforms, Clothing, Badges and Personal Equipment 1923-1948 by Barry O’Sullivan

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This large paperback book is full of photos and information.  From boots, badges, and buttons to gloves, goggles and gas masks, this tome will definitely delight military uniform enthusiasts!

Concisely laid out, the large colour images of each item are often accompanied by relevant historical images in black and white, which provides both clarity and context.

Researched and written by Barry O’Sullivan, with additional assistance from the Air Force Museum of New Zealand, this splendid book is sure to be a widely referred to resource.