The Donkey who carried the Wounded


This paperback book by Jackie French uses new research that tells us where the famous donkey came from and what happened to him after Gallipoli.

Suitable for readers 13+ years old.

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The donkey’s life was carting rocks and big bags of manure.  And then he met the men who would change his world…

Jack Simpson’s code is simple: do your best.  But his training as a stretcher-bearer hasn’t prepared him or his mates for the horror of the ANZAC landing on the well-defended shore of the Gallipoli Peninsula.  War is not the adventure they expected.

Carrying a wounded soldier down to the beach on his shoulders, Jack finds a donkey, who miraculously survived being throw overboards as the troop ships sailed away.  Jack and the donkey form a partnership that will become famous.  And even when it is over there is still work for the the donkey to do, and other hands to tend and love him.

This enthralling novel is based on the amazing lives of three true ANZAC legends – and on the deeds of lesser-known but equally heroic stretcher-bearers.