When Our Jack went to War


This paper back is a fictional story based on a real-life event written by Sandy McKay.

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When war breaks out in Europe in 1914 people are excited at first.  They describe it as ‘the war to end all wars’ and say ‘it’ll be over by Christmas’.

To begin with, Tom is envious of his older brother, Jack, who has been called up to join the army.  “He looked so grown up – and important and brave.’  ‘Make sure you write to me every day,’ Tom yells to his brother as he waves goodbye.  ‘I’ll do my best,’ says Jack, with a grin.  But as Jack’s letters home reveal the harsh realities of war and battle, Tom’s thoughts begin to change.

Follow the trials of Jack McAllister’s family as they respond to the devastating events of the First World War.  Their story is typical of many families…

A powerful, moving, and ultimately heart-wrenching story.