Never Forget


This paperback by New Zealand writer Jo Bailey, has combined extensive interviews with the use of wartime diaries, black and white photos, and written memoir, to create six compelling first person accounts of war.

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Six extraordinary World War II stories of courage, survival and hope – told by the people who lived them.

There’s Bram, a young boy whose privileged childhood in the Dutch East Indies was lost forever when the Japanese invaded and his father became a prisoner-of-war on the infamous Pekanbaru Death Railway.  Harry, a soldier in the 2nd New Zealand Divisional Cavalry, who survived relentless action on the battlefields of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East with just one tiny nick to his ear, but whose emotional wounds would prove far greater to heal.  Eva, a young girl in Rotterdam, who witnessed many atrocities under the German occupation of the city, and discovered after the war, she had inadvertently delivered messages for the Resistance.  The six Wegrzyn children, who were ripped from their happy life in Poland, endured the loss of their parents, and suffered terrible conditions and near starvation in forced labour camps in Siberia and Uzbekistan.  Naylor, who was almost 100 years old before he told his family about his wartime service with one of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s top-secret RAF ‘Moonlight’ Squadrons, flying agents and supplies behind enemy lines.  And Ronnie, whose tough wartime childhood in the slums of Newcastle upon Tyne, led to him becoming part of a destructive street gang, and ultimately being sent to Australia as a child migrant.

These important stories, which are wrapped in historical context and include the subjects’ pre and post-war recollections, may have been lost in another generation.  This book ensures they will always be remembered.