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Hei mahi mā te tamariki

The fun doesn’t stop at the Museum!

Try out some of these fun activities at home! Build your own jet plane or get creative with some colouring. Complete the picture or find different aviation related words in our word search.

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Did you know that the kiwi roundel has been painted on aircraft of the Royal New Zealand Air Force for 50 years?

Many different air forces around the world use roundels to show who their aircraft belong to. Usually this roundel includes something that symbolises their country. For example, the Royal Australian Air Force has a kangaroo in its roundel, and the Royal Canadian Air Force has a maple leaf.

If you were to design your own air force roundel, what special emblems would you use?

Design your own roundel!

Colouring sheet with fanshaw

Colouring Fun! H. Fanshaw

Colouring Fun! Sopwith Pup

Colouring Fun! Andover

Simple Rocket

Da Vinci Parachute

Build Your Own Jet Plane

Steampunk Rocket

Complete the Picture

Skyhawk Colouring

Make your own kite

Spot the Difference!

Colouring Fun! Spitfire

Build a cube

Airport Maze

Build your own Rotocopter

Morse code

A-maze-ing Aircraft