Education in an ejector seat

Although the Air Force Museum of New Zealand is best known for our military aircraft collection, we are not just about aeroplanes. Your students could be learning in a real life raft, or be educated in an ejector seat!  Located on the former air base at Wigram, Christchurch we invite our visitors to discover the stories of the men and women who have helped shape New Zealand’s aviation history.

Chris Davey our Education Officer

We share these stories by providing free education programmes to schools and non-profit community groups. Run by trained teachers, the programme content is wide and varied. While many students visit to learn about the science of flight, they can also hear about the story of the Anzacs in Gallipoli, the effects of rationing in World War Two, the roles of the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF), the mechanics of simple machines, survival skills and more. We are happy to cover any learning objectives connected to the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF).

Exploring flight
Are you ready for the ration challenge?

We are privileged to offer opportunities to study other special topics too. Term 3 of 2018 brings us the travelling exhibition, Anne Frank: Let Me Be Myself – a story of her life through which we can also examine discrimination in contemporary society. The education programme for this is uniquely designed so that secondary school groups will be led through the exhibition by trained peer educators from their own schools.

High school students can learn about trench art from the Museum’s collection. 

Our programmes currently attract around 6,000 local and travelling education visitors per year to the Museum, but with the ability to live-stream programme content we are keen to extend learning opportunities to schools all around New Zealand!

‘Many thanks for putting on such a superb day for us. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt so much. The talk hasn’t stopped since, and we have all sorts of wonderful learning continuing to happen.’
– West Eyreton School

With a purpose-built and interactive classroom, simulator rooms, and behind the scenes access, we provide a hands-on learning experience for all ages. A unique learning environment that cannot be found anywhere else in New Zealand!

Time to parachute.
Our Pacific Simulation Room takes you back to 1943 where you discover World War Two in the Pacific.

You can meet Chris Davey our Education Officer and take a quick introductory tour around the Museum by watching our pre-visit video below. To find out how your schools and non-profit community groups can discover, engage and take time to reflect in our space please don’t hesitate to contact us.