Important Birthday Party Information

Birthday Party Details

Party Times: Saturday and Sunday: 10.30am, 1.30pm

Party Numbers: Our parties are designed for a minimum number of eight children and a maximum of 15.

Party Format: The first hour of the party is fully-hosted by one of our staff, however we encourage parents to come along, bring a camera and get involved! After the activities, children are seated at the Café where the birthday child receives their certificate and then enjoys their party food, cake and present opening time. During this time, it is parents’ responsibility to ensure children are abiding by Museum rules such as using their ‘walking feet’ and ‘inside voices’. We encourage you to take the children through the rest of the Museum while you are here to make the most of their visit.

Arrival Time: Our birthday party hosts are dedicated to making your child’s birthday experience the best it can possibly be. To assist them in this, we recommend that you ask your guests to arrive 10 minutes before the party is due to begin, so that the party is not delayed and your child and their friends have time for all the activities.

Adult supervision: All children in the party group remain your responsibility at all times. In the case of emergencies, we are required to have at least one other adult with us at all times.

Party Length: please allow 45 minutes to 1 hour for the activity portion of the party. After that, you are welcome to stay as long as you like, until the Museum closes at 4.30pm.

Bookings and Confirmation: bookings are required for all birthday parties. The number of children, and any special dietary requirements, must be confirmed five working days prior to the birthday party date. The numbers confirmed at this point are the number that will be charged for, regardless if fewer children turn up on the day.

Cancellation Policy: If a party is cancelled within five working days of the party date then a 50% cancellation fee will apply. An email will be sent to confirm we have received your cancellation. If you do not receive this email and have tried to cancel a party, please contact us on 03 371 9600.

Payment: Parties must be paid in full either prior to, or on the day of the party. Payment can be made via internet banking, credit card, Eftpos or cash.

If you have any other questions about holding a birthday party at the Air Force Museum, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Invitations & Party Packs

A party pack or ‘goodie bag’ for each child is included in each birthday party. The packs contain age-appropriate activities based on the booked party-theme and age range.

Specially-designed invitations are available on request.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

A catered party is $35.00 per child* for a minimum of 8 children. This includes hosted activities and food (see menu). Birthday cake is not included and you are welcome to supply your own.

A un-catered party is $18.50 per child* for a minimum of 8 children. This cost covers the hosted activities and party bag for each child (no food).

*This pricing is effective from 1 February 2024.

There are younger children (under 3 years of age) attending the party. They won’t take part in the activities, but I’d like them to have a goodie bag and food at the party table. Is this possible?

Yes, simply advise the Visitor Host at the time of booking or before final confirmation so it can be recorded on the booking form.

Is there an extra charge for any adults or other children attending (but not involved in) the party?

There is no charge for accompanying parents and other children attending, but not included in the party activities or party table.

Can I self-cater at the café, or in a room in the museum, if I book an un-catered birthday party?

Unfortunately we don’t have self-catering options available at the Air Force Museum.

What happens if I receive a late RSVP (i.e., after I’ve confirmed final numbers), or an extra child turns up the day of the party?

While we require final numbers five working days before the party, we recognise this is not always possible. In the case of this happening, we will charge you for the activities and goodie bags for extra children, and set a place for them at the party table. Please note that you will also need to speak with the Contact Café staff directly to arrange another food portion (which will need to be paid for at the Café). While they will do their best to deliver a late order, we cannot guarantee that the Café will be able to do so.

Can I pre-order food and drinks from the café for accompanying adults?

Contact Café staff can arrange a tab, and/or food platter for adults attending the party. The Café is also open and available for all standard Café purchases.  Please get in touch with Contact Café directly on 03 371 9607.

What do I need to do during the party?

You, and any other accompanying adults, can simply watch, enjoy, and take lots of photographs! Your Visitor Host for the party will take care of most things and lead the children through the activities. Once the activities have finished, the Visitor Host will take the group to Contact Café for food, birthday cake and present opening. Once you are seated at the party table, the Café staff will then facilitate your party needs. All we ask is that you ensure the children are abiding by Museum rules such as using their ‘walking feet’ and ‘inside voices’.

What happens if less than the minimum of 8 children attend, or we aren’t inviting that many children to our child’s party?

We will still run the birthday party for you, however our minimum cost is for 8 children. You will receive all the elements including goodie bags, food and activity resources for 8 children to share out as you wish.