We will remember them: interviews with New Zealand’s last wartime aviators

Anzac Day 2022 was a fitting opportunity to share several newly-edited interviews with some of the last RNZAF veterans of World War Two: Ron Hermanns, Bryan Cox, Max Collett, Maurice Mayston, and Alan Deere (interview with his nephew Brendon).

Jude Dobson from Homegrown TV conducted these interviews in 2019 for the documentary, ‘New Zealand’s Air Force Then & Now’, which was made with support from NZ On Air. Jude has a personal connection with the RNZAF, with both her father and husband having served, and she felt strongly that these special interviews should be accessible to all.

With support from the Air Force, Jude has been able to edit the original filmed content into a format which can reside here at the Museum as part of our research collection, and be made available for all to appreciate and learn from.

Sergeant Ron Hermanns, airframe fitter, served two tours of duty in the Pacific Islands.

Air Commodore Alan Deere DSO, OBE, DFC and Bar, and Flight Lieutenant Maurice Mayston, fighter pilots with the RAF in the European theatre of operations.

Flying Officer Max Collett, fighter pilot with No. 485 (NZ) Squadron RAF.

Warrant Officer Bryan Cox, RNZAF fighter pilot in the Pacific theatre.